Deb Browning – In My Dreams

Article by Jeff Gilder, Beach SCENE Magazine

deb-browning-music n-my-dreamsSinger / Songwriter, Deb Browning, is following her dreams. Her third song release comes on the heels of two hits that have both landed atop the Beach Music charts. Deb wrote the music and lyrics for her newest song, “In My Dreams,” and also filmed a Music Video for the song’s debut. A full clip of the Music Video’s Premiere is below, including an interview with Sand City Productions’ Gary Lowder (of the Gary Lowder & Smokin’ Hot Band.) But first, I had a chance to sit down and discuss the Music Video with Deb before the Premiere:

Jeff: How did you get the idea to do this Music Video?

Deb: I was leaving the studio after recording the vocals and my producer, Tim Sidden, abruptly said, “Deb, you need to make a music video for this one!” My face must have shown my shock and Tim added, “I’m serious!” I called my husband on the drive home, he agreed with Tim, and that’s how it all started.

Jeff: How long did it take to film the video and was it grueling or fun?

Deb: We shot all the footage in one day and it was pretty grueling but also one of the most fun days of my life. Riding down Main Street, North Myrtle Beach, in a 1966 Classic Cadillac in a 1960’s outfit drew a lot of attention – people were clapping for us, blowing their horns, screaming as we would drive by. They loved it almost as much as I did!

Jeff: There are several costume changes in the video. Who helped you with your choices?

Deb: As I mention in the Premiere’s video, Imaginations Creative Costumers helped me with my 1960’s outfit. I actually put together all the other outfits by myself. I’m especially fond of my black flowy outfit in the video – I’m a huge Stevie Nicks fan and I tried to recreate her look. It worked out well because it’s almost like I’m trying to “cast a spell” on the gentleman who is “dancing in my dreams.” And yes, it’s my husband who’s dancing “In My Dreams!”

Jeff: What is your favorite scene in the Music Video?

Deb: I love them all, especially the Classic Car scenes. But my very favorite is near the end where I am spinning around in slow motion on the beach with the hotels in the background. I love the way my peach colored chiffon shawl is blowing in the wind as I turn. I had so much fun filming ALL the scenes in that outfit – at one point, I actually went out in the water and got wet! The sea gulls were flying around me – it was just really fun shooting that footage.

Jeff: I love the ending of the video – how did that idea come about?

Deb: Tony came up with the idea (Tony Murnahan of Stwrongtone Media is the film’s producer.) He told me to mess up my hair and put on one of my husband’s shirts. It took a LOT of hairspray to get my hair to stand up like that – I belly laugh every time I watch that ending!

Jeff: Is that you playing the piano during the ending credits?

Deb: Yes, those are my hands, LOL! The very first thing Tony wanted to film was an acoustic version of the song on the piano. So I just sat down and started playing while he filmed – I really love the way he used that footage. For me, the ending credits of a film or video can sometimes be boring, but by using a different version of the song, I think it actually made the credits artistic and interesting. I was very pleased with it.

Jeff: Anything else you’d like to say before people click below and watch the Premiere?

Deb: I’d really like to thank all those who have supported my music and this video. The DJ’s who play my songs, the listeners who request them, my friends and fans who VOTE, Gary Lowder and Tim Sidden, Joanie Dakai (who designed my CD cover for the music distributors,) Tony Murnahan and Amy Karpinski of Stwrongtone Media, Jud Kuhn Chevrolet for providing that beautiful Cadillac, Amber and the girls at Imaginations Creative Costumers, you – Jeff Gilder of Zeus Digital Marketing for the Premiere production, my husband, Bob Browning, and my sweet, always supportive mom – I’m just so, so very appreciative and grateful! AND, I’d like to say, “I hope you enjoy watching the Premiere of my new Music Video!”

The video and this interview were originally premiered  on a variety of social media channels Friday May 1, 2020 at 8 PM Eastern time. We hope you enjoy watching, but, WARNING! This song, the lyrics, melodies, and Deb Browning are addictive. Watch at your own risk!

"In My Dreams" Music Video Premier Show

Broadcast by Beach SCENE Magazine from ZTV™ Studios, Myrtle Beach, SC

Song produced at Sand City Productions in North Myrtle Beach, SC. Music and Lyrics by Deb Browning. Arranged by Gary Lowder and Tim Sidden. Video by Stwrongtone Media, Tony Murnahan.