kay-van-hoesen-creator-flipping-blingflipping-bling-logoKay Van Hoesen

Having been an entrepreneur for most of her working life, Myrtle Beach, SC resident and Flipping Bling™ creator, Kay Van Hoesen had an idea and turned that idea into a business.

She doesn’t mind telling you that she doesn’t like the appearance of her feet, but loves (as do most South Carolinians) her flip flops. She created some prototypes of her idea for blinging out her flops and began wearing them around Myrtle Beach. The compliments she received let her know the idea had merit. So, she went to work creating more prototypes and sourcing manufacturing.


Petal Power

Flipping Bling™

The Flipping Bling™ concept includes two parts: The bling and, as she calls it, the secret sauce. Bling is applied to ordinary flip flops using her patent pending Bling Maker™. The process is so simple, bling can be applied and changed out in seconds. The connection between the bling and the Bling Maker™ is hook and loop.

flipping-bling-designsOne Pair Dozens of Looks

Flipping Bling™ doesn’t sell flip flops. They sell  kits that include the bling and Bling Maker™. The idea is to be able to turn one pair of boring flip flops into dozens of “Flipping Fabulous” fashion statements. With designs that include butterflies, flowers, nautical designs, bows, tassels, and event watermelons, users can use one pair of flops wear a different design for every occasion. The Bling Maker™ can be easily removed and used on many different types of flip flops and sandals.

Slides Too – No Shoe Left Unblinged

Flipping Bling ™ launched as an  eCommerce website on April 1, 2021 with the first seventeen of dozens of designs to come. Realizing that some ladies prefer slides to flops, Kay created a Universal Bling kit to allow her bling designs to be applied to different types of shoes.


Heart of Many Colors

The Cost

Flipping Bling™ is an inexpensive solution to footwear fashion. Most designs range from $12 to $15 dollars with the popular Heart of Many Colors coming it under $10! Everyone will need at least one Bling Maker™ priced at $4.99 to bling their flops. Shipping is FREE for orders of $50 or more.  Get your today at https://flippingbling.com!