Zeus Digital Marketing, LLC Launches OTT Network

Since 2008 Zeus Digital Marketing, LLC has been one of Myrtle Beach’s premier web design, SEO, and social media marketing companies. In December 2021, they officially launched wingding™ TV. The OTT and CTV network will distribute content via ROKU, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV. The free wingding™ app is available in the Google Play and Apple App stores.

“The primary challenge faced by OTT platforms is without a doubt the ability to drive traffic to their content”, said Zeus Digital founder and wingding™ TV Executive Producer, Jeff Gilder. “I feel like we have a significant advantage having been in the digital marketing space for the past several years. Driving traffic to our client’s properties has been our forte. We’ve developed a really strong knowledge base around SEO and Search Engine Marketing in Myrtle Beach. I think we’re among the best (at that) in the business. We realize the challenges we face, and have prepared ourselves well. This type of platform has been on our roadmap since before we knew what it was (laughs).  We’re the perfect company to do this.”


Driving traffic isn’t the only challenge this type of network faces. Finding enough high-qualify content might be the biggest challenge wingding™ TV faces. With an extensive list of categories, almost anything goes on wingding™ TV. Sports, religion, travel, cooking, politics, paranormal, business, and a slew of other possibilities opens the door to a growing number of content creators who need this type of distribution for their content. “It’s kind of like Netflix for people like us who may never get our content to that level,” explains Gilder. “There are literally hundreds of thousands of great shows out there that need to be seen!”


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The reach of wingding™ TV is impressive! ROKU that has seen steady growth for the past several years continues to trend upwards with an active monthly subscription of over 55 million. Amazon Fire TV (Fire Stick) may pass ROKU at its current rate of growth. This platform now boasts over 50 million active monthly users. Apple TV is the smallest of the big three with a reported 40 million subscribers. There are 2.4 billion people with Android phones, and over 1 billion with iPhones. There are no roadblocks when it comes to accessing wingding™ TV content. The company uses the catch phrase Any Time, Any Place, and on Any Device when describing how and when consumers can engage wingding™ TV content.


Anyone with a smart TV or the ROKU, fire Stick, or Apple TV device can search for the wingding™ TV app and add it to their home screen. Creators are welcome to contact the company to discuss distribution on their website at https://wingding.tv/contact-us.

For Myrtle Beach web design and SEO, Zeus Digital Marketing, LLC is a proven source.