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Olive oil imported from Greece. 

Herbs that grow on the mountains where they are only watered by God. 

With a passion originating from 1970, Spiro, the owner of Spiro’s Pancake House, has took the Grand Strand breakfast scene by complete storm. Spiro’s authentic, innovative style has swooned the taste buds of locals and tourist up and down the coast. Spiro first stepped foot in the restaurant business in New York, and still incorporates the same fresh, hand-made values into every plate served. His secret to becoming the best breakfast spot in Myrtle Beach, SC is quite simple, and best understood coming from the words of the man himself.

Every dish I make is from scratch, and each ingredient has been thoughtfully chosen for quality and freshness – even down to the grapes that we hand-pick to make sure the stems are not dry.

Owner, Spiro's Pancake House


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Waffle. Blueberries. Strawberries. Whipcream.

Open Roast Beef Sandwich ($5.00 deal)

*NEW* Chicken & Waffle Sliders