The Second Annual Salt Air® Foundation One Club Two Person Scramble

The One Club Two Person Scramble format was so popular last year, Salt Air® Foundation decided to bring it back for 2020. The annual fundraiser for Students With Cystic Fibrosis doubled in size this season. Once again, all participants enjoyed the format and the tournament.

Pine Lakes Country Club

Pine Lakes Golf Club (The Granddaddy), the oldest and one of the most prestigious courses in Myrtle Beach, hosted this year’s event. The 12:30 shotgun gave just enough time to complete the 30 team event before dark.

Tournament Format

The format sets up with two person teams with each golfer using only one club for the entire event. The teams strategize club selection based on the course layout and the strengths of each.

Salt Air Foundation®

Salt Air® Foundation provides scholarships for students (of all ages) with Cystic Fibrosis. Ten year old, Eli Gilder (pictured here) has Cystic Fibrosis and was on hand greet the golfers….Eli’s Army. Eli and family set up a Cystic Fibrosis Awareness display to allow interested golfers an opportunity to experience vest therapy and to see the daily medications Eli takes. Chris Carter, an adult Cystic Fibrosis patient, played in the tournament (fist-time-golfer) and provided and adult-size vest for the vest therapy demonstrations.   The vibratory vest is used to help keep the patient’s lungs clear of mucus.

Almost all the golfers tried the vest therapy for a few seconds. Eli let them know that he does vest therapy for 30 minutes twice daily. Golfers were asked to play the 11th hole while breathing through a straw to feel what it is like to breath through restricted airways.

Organizers said the event was a success, and they look forward to the third annual One Club Two Person Scramble to benefit Salt Air® Foundation.