Jinja Jewelry is proud to be associated with the Grand Strand.  In fact, the owners first discovered Myrtle Beach in 1980 after years spent in the military and service stationed in Japan.  Although continuing to travel the world and visiting 65 countries around the globe, Don and Elaine Helmig have always thought of Myrtle Beach, SC as their first love and home.  The Helmigs often find themselves swooning over the sunny, fun-loving and family-oriented atmosphere of the Grand Strand; furthermore, spending a great deal of time introducing their grandchildren to the wonders of the South Carolina Atlantic Coast.

Purpose and Charity

What started out as our tribute to the lush greenery and irresistible beaches of Bali later blossomed into an opportunity of income for the Balinese families that Don and Elaine Helmig (founders) grew to cherish over the years. Inevitably, the very essence of those shimmering beach sunrises and crystal-clear waves are beautifully expressed in each Jinja Jewelry design. The tropical flair of Bali is blended so delicately with the professional artisanship of our Jinja silversmiths.

Combating the tragic bombing in Bali of 2002 with the passion of a few individuals, the worldwide jewelry industry welcomed a new member that would soon revolutionize both the art of embellishment and the lives of many people.  Jinja Jewelry, driven by fair trade ethics, has gracefully woven a love for humanity through modern-day silversmithing and accessory fashion statements.  This, in turn, has allowed Jinja Jewelry to fulfill its motto of “People Helping People.” Amongst other donations, Jinja Jewelry continually supports the financial needs and public exposure of the following organizations:

The Ginantri Foundation is an organization that provides equal education, compassion, and fair opportunity for children in Bali, Indonesia.

With the power of God, His Heart for Affrica strives to aid orphans, abandoned/widowed women, and mothers of Uganda through community engagement by providing food, clothing, and education in Uganda.