History of the Pearl

Once speculated as the “tears of God” or physical product of morning dew, the pearl of a mollusk has been raved about in awe for thousands of years.

However, as scientific research progressed, it was soon prompted that this bio-mineral super star of the jewelry and cosmetic world would need to be culturally produced in order to save its decreasing species. Little did this species know, the history of the pearl would soon be altered indefinitely.

The race to successfully master the formation of a pearl quickly exploded globally. Japan soon stood at the forefront of discovery, and it all can be given thank to two specific visionaries.

Kokichi Mikimoto, the founding father of today’s infamous pearl industry, conjured an innovative method of producing jewelry-quality pearls while collaborating with Dr. Mitsukuri (Tokyo Imperial University). By placing a spherical mantle into the center of the mollusk body, this sphere would later be coated in pristine pearl layers.

More than 100 years later, pearls are still one of the most sought out symbols of elegance and couture on the market. The history of the pearl is often one that is overlooked. However, here at Beach Scene Magazine we enjoy keeping in mind such revolutionary moments in coastal history.