Beach Scene Entertainment

Fun parks, museums, theaters, music, and dancing are great starters for listing entertainment options along the Grand Strand.  From children to adults The Grand Strand delivers.


From one end to the other, Grand Strand visitors will find an abundance of music venues. At any one time during the Summer months, there may be hundreds of artist performing at free concerts in the streets and parks, beachfront and boardwalk bars, or in the theaters where live concerts occur year round.

This area holds to the claim that Carolina Beach Music and the Shag Dance birthed on these shores. The origin of these phenomenal arts can be traced to the beachfront pavilions, where back in the late 40s and early 50s, the familiar sounds and shuffle we enjoy today became an attraction. Visitors have been returning to feel and experience the lifestyle represented by Carolina Beach Music for decades.

Fun Parks & Amusement

Up and down the coastline, visitors will find a variety of fun parks from full blown amusement parks, to water parks and to go cart tracks, escape rooms, and boat and helicopter rides. Some sort of family amusement is never far from any point along the Carolina coast.

The Beach

Did we mention there’s a beach? There are miles and miles of gorgeous sandy coastline with public access up and down the Grand Strand. It’s not that we locals take it for granted, that’s probably what brought most of here for the first time. After living here for a while, one realizes the growing abundance of other activities often just a few yards from the beach.


Salt Air Jam